About SixSides

Why SixSides?

My life has SixSides to it:

These SixSides will never be in complete balance or in harmony with one another. What fun would that be anyway? So instead the focus is on finding the right imbalance. There is an ebb and flow from day to day. One aspect may take priority while another one sits on the back burner. It’s just my reality and it might be yours.

My day isn’t divided into two parts. It’s a series of small timelines that pull together both work tasks and life necessities. I needed a way to track this reality. I needed a way to focus on the day to day tasks of my life -- those 1% improvements that build long-term success.

I needed a way to curate my day and give myself the freedom and flexibility to adjust to life’s unpredictable flow.

Why a 34 Day Journal?

This journal is designed for 5 week chunks. Five weeks where you focus on what is right in front of you. This isn’t about goal-setting, productivity hacks or the latest buzzword. This is simply about looking at your life as a whole and finding a way to organize tasks and time with a sense of accomplishment each day.

It is longer than a month, so it gives you just enough time to transition to your next 5 weeks.

The loose daily structure encourages you to curate your day -- make sure tasks earn their way into your day!

Here at SixSides, you’ll find articles and products to support this mindset. The cornerstone of this is the 34 Day Journal. Learn more about that with our Starter Kit.

Why Me?

I’m Lauren Rothlisberger. I developed and designed SixSides. As a military spouse and Mom to 4 active kids, I’ve learned that time is our most valuable resource. (I know I’m not alone in this!)

I’ve spent many years feeling overwhelmed and unaccomplished. Not because I wasn’t doing anything. I just didn’t have a daily roadmap of targets. And I had no way to validate my work at the end of the day.

Curating my day was a life-changer. I acknowledged those 1% improvements that create long-term changes. Focusing on what was right in front of me day to day led to feeling good about my week...month after month.

It’s time to build your week, curate your day.