34 Day Journal - 3 pack

SixSides Co.

Expanding your reach with a 3-pack of the 34 Day Journal. The 34 Day Journal is intended to drive your focus to each day. Lofty goals can be intimidating. They give us an endpoint, but don’t tackle the journey to get there. That is the hard part. It is spending each day intentionally that makes the difference. It is the 1% improvements that build the long-term success. This journal is just five weeks. Five weeks in which you focus on what is right in front of you. In months you will look back and see that it’s the string of five weeks time after time that makes the big difference.
The loose daily structure encourages you to curate your day, making sure tasks earn their way onto it, while still giving you the freedom and flexibility to adjust to life’s unpredictable flow. 
This isn’t about goal-setting, productivity hacks, or some other buzzword. This is simply about looking at your life as a whole and finding a way to balance tasks and time with a sense of accomplishment each day. 
It’s time to build your week, curate your day.

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